About The
Connecticut Employment Security Appeals Division



You may use this Online Hearing Docket to find out when a hearing is scheduled. The database is updated daily, twenty-four hours after the Appeals Division has scheduled the case for hearing. Hearings remain in the database for one month after the date of the hearing.


If you are a claimant or employer, you can find your hearing most easily by entering your name or company name in the field labeled "Party or Agent." You may enter a full name, just a last name, or any part of a company name. The Online Hearing Docket will search the full name and address of all parties and their agents. Therefore, your search may turn up cases in addition to your own. The results display will contain the complete case name so you should be able to identify your hearing.

Agents can determine all of the cases that they have scheduled for a given Appeals Division office by using the location indicator at the top of the screen. Agents may enter the name of their client(s) (multiple names must be separated by commas) or their own name in the "Party or Agent" field.

You may specify a single hearing date by filling in only the first "Hearing Date" field, or give a range of dates by filling in both date fields. You may use any valid date format, such as 2/5/00. You do not have to specify a date.

If you wish to search for hearings assigned to a particular Referee, click on "Referee" at the top of the page.

If you know your case number, you may use it to find hearing information. If you want to find scheduling information about a hearing date within the past thirty days that has already passed, check the "Search past hearings too" box at the bottom of the page.


The display of results will give you the case number; the date, time and place of the hearing; the full case name; and the Referee assigned. You can learn more information about your hearing by clicking on the display. This will bring up a version of the hearing notice that contains the employer’s address, the names of any agents or other people who received a copy of the hearing notice, an explanation of the issues to be covered at the hearing, and any special instructions.

You can click at the end of the hearing notice to get directions to the Appeals Division office where your hearing will be held.